Thursday, September 29, 2022

Review: Clyde May's Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Recipe No. 2)

 Color (5%): light, amber, thinning edges again. 4/5

Nose (10%): big corn note, brown sugar, alcohol a bit high, stewed apple, slight roast peach notes. great bourbon character. 7/10

Palate (20%): lovely apples and pear notes. slight strawberry pop early in the taste. A bit of oiliness. a good deal of oak spice. 14/20

Finish (10%): very long finish, much less sweet than the Alabama style. rather lingering alcohol burn. 6/10

Overall Impression and Harmony (30%): This is a pretty rich oily bourbon. the age statement is in the range that I like. Not too young, you can see the impact of the wood, but it's not overdone. There are certain bourbons that I like better and certain bourbons that push the extremes of the category a little more but this is a very good solid bourbon. 19/30

Retry on Ice (25%): It gets a bit rough on the nose, dirty old apples. still holds its alcohol heat. loses the fun, keeps the rough. 12/25

Total Ranking: 62% Legendary, Amazing, Great, Good, Fair, Average, Tolerable, Swill

Estimated Fair Price: $27
Actual Price: $35

Conclusion: This is good rich bourbon, just nothing special. I'm sure that this is somebody's favorite but the market is so saturated and I just didn't see anything that impressive. It doesn't differentiate itself from other bourbons. It's fine. The aesthetic of the bottle with lots of classic prohibition imagery and script text is sexy, but I'll pass on this one. 

Fact Sheet:
Distillery Location: Florida USA
ABV: 46% (92 Proof)
Age Statement: 4-5 years
Method: Non-chill filtered
Awards: 94 points 2018 Wine Enthusiast, Gold New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, 93
2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

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