Monday, April 27, 2020

Loaded Dice

This was my entry for the Patron Perfectionists Tour. It really is about consistency in the culinary and beverage world and how fresh ingredients are wildly inconsistent. This cocktail was my attempt to help flatten the curve. 

1.5 oz. Patron Reposado
0.5 oz. Amaro Sfumato Rabarbaro
0.75 oz. Acid Adjusted Pineapple juice
0.75 oz. Orange Blossom Honey Syrup

Add all the ingredients to a shaker tin. Add ice and shake thoroughly. Double strain into a large rocks glass with a large carved cube.

To make Acid Adjusted Pineapple Juice:
To every 100g pineapple juice add 4.5g citric acid and 0.7g malic acid. Stir vigorously to dissolve the powder. Shake the solution lightly before each use.

To make Honey Syrup:
Mix Dutch Gold Orange Blossom Honey with an equal weight of boiling water and stir until uniform.

This drink was inspired by the randomness or rather lack of predictability, of every molecule. The fermentation tanks of the Patron distillery are open and surrounded by countless varieties of plant life which produce different strains of wild yeast. Each strain will produce a different character. Even every piece of fruit will be unique. Two pineapples from the same tree can have wildly different sugar contents and acidity. This just won't do for a competition called Perfectionist. I aim to erase chance and balance flavors as I see fit. Craft comes from taking what nature gives you and using it to put out a consistent quality product.

The Dutch Gold Honey comes from a local apiary as well.


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